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Pirate Kings Cheats – It’s Time To Generate Spins and Coins


Pirate Kings is an entertaining online game where you have to play the role of a pirate and your goal is to become the wealthiest Viking in the universe. You can raid or plunder your friends as well as other players by launching an attack on their islands. In the same way, you need to defend your own area from attacks of other players by placing defensive units on the island. If you want to become an expert in the game of Pirate Kings or planning to play the game for the first time; the below-mentioned pointers will certainly help you in enhancing your gameplay.

Pirate Kings Cheats

Important Currencies Of Pirate Kings Game:




It is the main game currency, which can be used to expand and upgrade your island. Gold can be earned in many ways such as spinning the wheel, attacking other players, stealing from other players, and watching ad based videos. However, acquiring them through these methods is a time-consuming and monotonous task.

Instead, you should make use of Pirate Kings Hack, as it is an effective and reliable tool that will generate the required amount of Gold as and when you need it. So, all you have to do is concentrate completely on decorating and upgrading your island, as Pirate Kings Cheats will take care of the rest.

Spin Tokens:

Spin Tokens are not currencies, but are more important than Gold as the majority of the game elements are based on Spins. Spin Tokens will enable you to spin the slot machine, and the outcome of the slot machine determines whether you will receive a small quantity of Coins, a large quantity of Coins, attack, defend, or steal.

In order to spin the slot machine, you need Spin Tokens and each player receives only 5 Spin Tokens every hour. You can also purchase Spin Tokens with real money from the game store. However, the Pirate Kings Cheats tool will give you access to an unlimited number of Spins, whenever you need them the most. This denotes that you can spin the slot machine all day long.

Vital Aspects Of Pirate Kings Game:

Different Islands:

The game features lots of different islands, which can be unlocked as you level up. These islands can make you a more powerful pirate as each island provides a fixed amount of Gold on a daily basis. Unlocking these islands will require lots of money, but with tool you can unlock all islands as and when they are made available.

Pirate Collection:

The game features 30 different pirates that can be collected in various levels. These pirates are divided into 3 classes namely; common, rare and legendary. You can collect the pirates by unlocking chests. Once your collection is complete, you will receive rewards for it.

Repairs Works:

You need to ensure that your islands are restored after the raids; else you will not earn any money out of it. So, every time a gamer raids your islands, make sure you restore all the buildings on time.

So, start playing Pirate Kings game and be the most powerful pirate in the seven seas.


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  1. This game is so much fun! I can’t believe this cheat really works!!! It’s so much fun blowing your friends islands up and seeing if they can keep up with you!

  2. I love this game and always hope that I can have more and more spins..It’s an excited game if we can win the race or competition in this game..Hope can have more spins and nonstop spins at this game

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