Homescapes – Quick Guide To Renovation And Boosters

Homescapes – Quick Guide To Renovation And Boosters

Homescapes is a game from Playrix studios which is offering unique features and vivid graphics. The wide availability due to presence on Google Play Store and Apple App Store makes it more popular. You have listened from many that the simplicity is the core concept so that does it mean actually. Well, the power-ups and easy to complete stages are called as simple. However, do you know that there are some advanced things like boosters and special tiles? Yes, these are and these offer you the benefit of being top gamer by following these.



Skip Renovation to Earn More

Spending currencies wisely in most of smartphone games and it goes pretty much same with this mobile title. You are able to skip the renovation and it is quite helpful because if you do so then you can save that time for more games. Keep on playing and completing levels means higher amount of currencies. It is good option but it has a drawback. You can still do the renovation work but you will face issues lately because of no events. Yes, the events don’t open up until you renovate. It can be a bad news for those who love to renovate but still, it is worth trying trick.


Most of people think that boosters and power-ups are quite similar but don’t mix these things. Yes, it is true that you can get rid of all the issues by using booster but how this work does and how you can get more. Well, a booster can  be obtained by special events and these are rare which means you have to spend too much time to obtain these. Hammer is the first booster almost everyone unlock after playing couple of initial levels where it is able to remove single tile from the board.

Hammer can be unlocked after reaching level 8 but if you look for other booster then the story is different. They open a far away from it. Yes, you need to complete level 14 to open up rocket and the bomb. Both power-ups are placed randomly but it is pretty much helping as you can remove numerous tiles in the one go. It will be better to use these. Lastly the rainbow ball unlocks and It opens up at level 16. Paper plane is the unique and most powerful so you have to reach level 20 to get it out.

Final Words

Most of gamers focus on puzzles instead of renovation however if they want to get the extreme fun then there is nothing better than playing all the modes. On the other hand, it is better if you try out the in-app purchases when needed. Some websites may tempt you to use their programs and they claim that you get endless rewards but it isn’t true. Even it can be harmful that’s why you should stay away from these and get rid of all the issues by using the in-game methods. Play maximum levels and win to acquire resources. Even spending resources wisely is also a good option.

4 thoughts on “Homescapes – Quick Guide To Renovation And Boosters

  1. Love Homescapes so much spend a fortune on it 😩 would absolutely love some help! I’m on my sitting room and really stuck for the help right now!. Love everything about this game and this website so so helpful in everyway! Please help me get more coins and stars! Much appreciated! 🙏

  2. This game is soo addicting and exciting. Each level has something new and surprising for the user. The interface is also user friendly and of high quality. The stars are supposedly less per game than those needed for each step of renovation. If both are equally take care of then this game is a master blaster. Highly recommended and addictive. Have fun. Enjoy!!

  3. I love homescapes so much its my favoritos game ever and you guys help me a lot , thank you só much for the help you give, this game is so good a cant even sleep to play it, but is so dificult play whith out coin and boosters its Impossible but with you help ,everything was possible thank you so so so much once again

  4. Love Homescapes. Fell upon this game and have been addicted since. Hadn’t a played other games like this. Now I understand the obsession with Candy Crush.

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