Homescapes – Power Ups and Benefits

Homescapes – Power Ups and Benefits

Homescapes is surely ruling over Google Play Store and Apple App Store with its awesome graphics and gameplay. The simplicity is behind the popularity whereas you can easily find interactive features which increase the popularity of it.  This is a three tile match game so if you want to be the best player then matching maximum number of tiles in limited number of moves is imperative. On the other hand, you can use power-ups. These are important factors and surely these can help in winning.

Here, we are pouring light over –

  • Rocket
  • Bomb
  • Paper Plane
  • Rainbow ball

These are four types of power-ups offered by developers and you can get the extreme benefit by using it. Basically, you need to match up 4 or more tiles to get these. And a specific  order also help you get different one.

Rocket Power Up

You can easily get a rocket by matching four similar tiles and the main benefit is that you can easly take down number of tiles horizontally or vertically. It depends on the situation that how you created it. However, you should check out the entire row as there can be any other power up or tiles matching. Use these wisely on the need and resolve almost every issue.


Bomb is the best Power-up which can be created with ease and it has lots of benefits. You can create it by matching 5 tiles but it must be in a specific shape. Yes, you have to make L shape with 5 tiles and it has the power of destroying all the tiles in two-square radius. It is easy to use but is also have a lag point. If you use Bomb near the wall then getting the complete benefit is impossible and you need to look for alternative.

Paper Plane

It is a unique kind of power-up and you can rarely find it because you can’t create this power up easily.  If you are able to match up four same tiles in a square format then it is easy to obtain a paper plane and due to its ability, you can get enormous benefits. You can take away all the tiles in the square pattern and not only that, the plane fly to a different tile and destroy that. Considering the number of tiles destroyed, you can move forward and progress with ease by using it.

Rainbow Ball

It is the last kind of powerup and it is able to destroy all the tiles of same color. Just swipe a rainbow ball with color you want to choose and it will do the work. You can create it by matching five tiles in the row or the column so you can easily win with ease and it is quite easy also.

Hope, this power-up guide will help you progress faster and winning with ease in this game. It is easy to progress by this method and you can be the best gamer.

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  1. It’s really a fun game it is full of enjoyment I really really liked the game and the game gives the feeling of an amazing builder all I wanted to say thank you to this amazing game

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