Guidelines To Play The Homescapes Game Easily

Guidelines To Play The Homescapes Game Easily

Homescapes is an exciting and enjoyable online game, which is elegantly developed by the Playrix Games.  The game is generally based on the match 3 puzzle genre, in which the aim of the players to clear each and every level.  It offers a vivid graphics, a variety of modes, exciting gameplay, and many more things. Mainly, the storyline of the game is that gamers need to support the Austin the Butler in order to renovate the minions. To make the gameplay more exciting, there are some engrossing and features added in the game.

In addition, the element is offered in the form of the unique booster and hotheaded combination.  Most importantly, the beginning of the game might look convenient, but with the enhancement in the level will increase the difficulty as well. So, don’t miss the chance and download the game applications now.  Homescapes game application is available on both iOS and Android platform, which you can attain it from your on-device app store. In order to know more about the game, then check out Homescapes guide. Otherwise, scroll down and learn some basic knowledge about this innovative game.

Gear Of The Game: 

At the beginning of the game, users will come across few items i.e. Lamps, Cups, Buttons, Ties and many more.  You need to attain gather these object in order to reach the peak point of the game with ease. Also, with the increase in the level, players can access some more object such as Cherries, Jellies etc.


It is the primary resource of the game, which supports the gamers to accomplish various tasks.  How to earn coins? Well, it is very convenient to gain the coins.  Once you complete a level or match, you will attain some amount of coins as the reward.  Also, with the support of the coins, users can purchase moves during the match when you run out of them.


This is the premium currency, which can be earned by completing different levels of the game or by using some kind of Homescapes Cheats.  Once the gamer matches the pieces appropriately, they will be able to gain the power-ups.  Users can use them to skip the hard part of a game without worrying about anything.  Most importantly, it is advisable that to utilize it wisely. Otherwise, you will end up facing disappointment.


To add more flavors, matching the 4 or 5 pieces together, gamers will be able to unwind unique powers.  Try to make a square pieces match, which will offer the users a cubed paper place to overcome the hurdles. However, in order to un-wrap the stronger power-ups, you need to create a rainbow ball by matching the 5 pieces in the line.


At the greater level of the game, users will be able to unlock various sorts of boosters.  Few boosters can be brought by spending the real money.  This is one of the features, which helps the players to get rid of the hassles without making too many efforts.  If you haven’t heard of this element yet, then give a try and become the best player from all over the world.  For instance, the hammer booster, which can be utilized for eradicating tiles by smashing them.  It support to clear any tiles, which you want to without wasting a move.

Final Expression

On the whole, Homescpaes is an online game, which can be enjoyed at leisure intervals. It is not important to accomplish all the available level in a day.  So, keep playing and enjoying this exciting game. If you face any complications, then read the above-mentioned information in order to gain victory with ease.

8 thoughts on “Guidelines To Play The Homescapes Game Easily

  1. I really like the hack, it’s super helpful and I love being able to continue the game at a faster pace. I recommend for anyone who wants to build their mansion faster.

  2. I like the game homescapes. It is fun and exciting. Some levels are easy and some are much harder but when I keep trying, I am able to overcome age level.

    I need lives more then anything it seems I can buzz through the levels but then I end to getting caught up three levels later. Homescapes has a lot of different levels and action to go through. Various different levels to play and rebuild age mansion. I wish it would be more simple when it comes to getting lives .

  3. My kid likes to play this game and with extra coins and lives it makes it so she isn’t spending money in real life, but can still advance in levels and play the game with no stress on breaking the bank.

  4. This is actually nice. What I love about playing homescapes is the excitement when you earn stars and you get to decorate the house. I am on 260+ level and it is becoming really hard to complete. I hope this works.

  5. I am terribly addicted to this game! Can’t stop playing and need the extra money to help me along.
    Thanks kindly!

  6. Once I downloaded this game, I became immediately addicted.. especially when you have unlimited lives for 3 hours 😅.
    As you progress, the levels are getting harder but it was feels good when you have that dumb luck on that one try…
    I recommend this website for anyone who loves playing Homescapes!!

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