Homescapes tips and tricks

Absolute Tips and Tricks to Complete Homescapes levels

There is no about that the Homescpaes game is one of the most played games available in the virtual market.  It offers a variety of features, stunning graphics, and many more things, which you can use to have fun in leisure intervals.  Normally, the game is based on the swapping pieces and has to accomplish different levels.  At the beginning of the game, gamers need to support the Austin in decorating the mansion by matching and swapping pieces.  Most importantly, it is available for both iOS and Android applications. To be exact, you can conveniently install the Homescape game applications from Apple and Google App store as well.

Moreover, it is an engrossing virtual world, which offers innovative booster and explosive combination sorts of features. If you are just a beginner, then it is advisable that to gather enough information in order to reach the peak point of the game.  However, there are some who find it hard to clear some level and get stranded in them for a long period of time.  If you are one of them, then read the listed below tips and tricks.  These are some convenient and simple information, which help the users to overcome the hassle with ease.

  • First of all, there are few interesting booster items, which can be bought from the in-game shop by using the real money. Mainly, it is used to clear the stage by activating such special move during the game.
  • How to activate Bomb power-up? Well, gamers need to double click on the Bomb power-up icon. Also, players can create numerous bombs by beating a certain level.
  • Gamers are required to launch the power-ups to lay the carpet over a wide area. An easy method to use power-ups is by double-clicking them.
  • At level 8, users will come across locked pieces, which you can unwind it by fabricating some swap and match.
  • It is recommended that to play the game carefully as if players lose a life then they are required to commence the level all over again.
  • Players have a total 5 lives. If you fall short of them, then gamers need to wait for few moments in order to regenerate the lives.  Conversely, players can also generate it instantly by spending the real cash.
  • The focal point of the game is finishing the different stages and earns in-game resources. Afterward, you can use these in-game currencies in order to reach the zenith point of the game.
  • You can also utilize the hard earned money in exchange for some in-game items and resources. There are some players who are unable to attain them in the sufficient amount. So, it is a better option for them to gain a huge amount of currencies conveniently. You can also use some Homescapes cheats that were mentioned in the comments section.

Final Words

The craze of the Homescpaes game is increasing dramatically.  So, in order to make the gameplay more exciting, the developers are adding more flavors in the form of exclusive elements. Due to this, it is also recommended that to stop using the real money.  Otherwise, you will end up wasting them.  In the nutshell, there is no need to worry if you are unable to clear a level.  Just read the aforesaid information and attain victory.

Homescapes Guide

Homescapes – Quick Guide To Renovation And Boosters

Homescapes is a game from Playrix studios which is offering unique features and vivid graphics. The wide availability due to presence on Google Play Store and Apple App Store makes it more popular. You have listened from many that the simplicity is the core concept so that does it mean actually. Well, the power-ups and easy to complete stages are called as simple. However, do you know that there are some advanced things like boosters and special tiles? Yes, these are and these offer you the benefit of being top gamer by following these.



Skip Renovation to Earn More

Spending currencies wisely in most of smartphone games and it goes pretty much same with this mobile title. You are able to skip the renovation and it is quite helpful because if you do so then you can save that time for more games. Keep on playing and completing levels means higher amount of currencies. It is good option but it has a drawback. You can still do the renovation work but you will face issues lately because of no events. Yes, the events don’t open up until you renovate. It can be a bad news for those who love to renovate but still, it is worth trying trick.


Most of people think that boosters and power-ups are quite similar but don’t mix these things. Yes, it is true that you can get rid of all the issues by using booster but how this work does and how you can get more. Well, a booster can  be obtained by special events and these are rare which means you have to spend too much time to obtain these. Hammer is the first booster almost everyone unlock after playing couple of initial levels where it is able to remove single tile from the board.

Hammer can be unlocked after reaching level 8 but if you look for other booster then the story is different. They open a far away from it. Yes, you need to complete level 14 to open up rocket and the bomb. Both power-ups are placed randomly but it is pretty much helping as you can remove numerous tiles in the one go. It will be better to use these. Lastly the rainbow ball unlocks and It opens up at level 16. Paper plane is the unique and most powerful so you have to reach level 20 to get it out.

Final Words

Most of gamers focus on puzzles instead of renovation however if they want to get the extreme fun then there is nothing better than playing all the modes. On the other hand, it is better if you try out the in-app purchases when needed. Some websites may tempt you to use their programs and they claim that you get endless rewards but it isn’t true. Even it can be harmful that’s why you should stay away from these and get rid of all the issues by using the in-game methods. Play maximum levels and win to acquire resources. Even spending resources wisely is also a good option.

Homescapes Guide

Homescapes – A Complete Guide for Coins and Stars

Have you been playing Homescapes or just a beginner novice gamer of it? Yes, then pretty much chances are that you have find many interactive facts about the game. The amazing storyline of Austin, simple to play puzzle and vivid graphics make is unique along with the multiplatform availability. Unique games rule but it doesn’t means every unique game has good interface, features and gameplay. Here, Homescapes offer completely simple and easy to play interface with intresting factor of earning resources. There are two currencies in this game and both can be earned by various methods. This guide will assist you in earning of resources and progressing properly.

How To Get Coins And Stars?

As you have gleaned the idea that coin is primary whereas star is premium currency. Both can be earned easily but if paid proper attention. There are lots of methods and the given below ones will be a great helping hand.

  • Completing Puzzles: If you play any of the level and complete the given task to end the puzzle then both the currencies are provided. It offers you coin in matching tiles and stars on completing levels. Try to complete maximum number of puzzles so that you can get rid of all the issues with ease.
  • Monitor Daily Task: There are many events offered which can be triggered by the renovation and you can play these events to earn more. The amazing fact about game is that you can complete almost every event easily and earn a good amount of currencies without tackling much.
  • In-Purchases: Gamers who aren’t able to earn resources and willing to progress then they can rely on the purchases option but they need to spend real money on it. Developers offer you many packages but it is better to go with the starter one and avoiding this method as much as possible.

These are methods offering higher number of currencies and these are reliable because of ease and benefits. If you check out the reviews of expert gamers then it is easy to find that they have been using the basic methods given above.
Using Homescapes cheats: You can look through comments and you will find some amazing cheats here.

Even you should focus on the goal so that it become easier to match three puzzles and winning. Power ups comes handy and you should rely on those so that higher number of benefits can be obtained and it become easy to win.

Renovation In The One Go

Gamers playing Homescape puzzle for fun can find renovation task boring and they can skip renovation. Yes, you can do it and lately, it is better to renovate the home in one go. This is faster method and it gives much more thrill than anything else. Make sure to spend your time on completing higher number of puzzles and must know the fact that you won’t be able to get new events due to this. Events are connected to renovation and they can be trigged by spending currencies on decoration and renovation.




Homescapes – Power Ups and Benefits

Homescapes is surely ruling over Google Play Store and Apple App Store with its awesome graphics and gameplay. The simplicity is behind the popularity whereas you can easily find interactive features which increase the popularity of it.  This is a three tile match game so if you want to be the best player then matching maximum number of tiles in limited number of moves is imperative. On the other hand, you can use power-ups. These are important factors and surely these can help in winning.

Here, we are pouring light over –

  • Rocket
  • Bomb
  • Paper Plane
  • Rainbow ball

These are four types of power-ups offered by developers and you can get the extreme benefit by using it. Basically, you need to match up 4 or more tiles to get these. And a specific  order also help you get different one.

Rocket Power Up

You can easily get a rocket by matching four similar tiles and the main benefit is that you can easly take down number of tiles horizontally or vertically. It depends on the situation that how you created it. However, you should check out the entire row as there can be any other power up or tiles matching. Use these wisely on the need and resolve almost every issue.


Bomb is the best Power-up which can be created with ease and it has lots of benefits. You can create it by matching 5 tiles but it must be in a specific shape. Yes, you have to make L shape with 5 tiles and it has the power of destroying all the tiles in two-square radius. It is easy to use but is also have a lag point. If you use Bomb near the wall then getting the complete benefit is impossible and you need to look for alternative.

Paper Plane

It is a unique kind of power-up and you can rarely find it because you can’t create this power up easily.  If you are able to match up four same tiles in a square format then it is easy to obtain a paper plane and due to its ability, you can get enormous benefits. You can take away all the tiles in the square pattern and not only that, the plane fly to a different tile and destroy that. Considering the number of tiles destroyed, you can move forward and progress with ease by using it.

Rainbow Ball

It is the last kind of powerup and it is able to destroy all the tiles of same color. Just swipe a rainbow ball with color you want to choose and it will do the work. You can create it by matching five tiles in the row or the column so you can easily win with ease and it is quite easy also.

Hope, this power-up guide will help you progress faster and winning with ease in this game. It is easy to progress by this method and you can be the best gamer.

All about Homescapes

Homescapes is mobile title from Playrix games offered for Android and IOS where unique features and interactive features are making it advanced game. The previous launch of Playrix, Gardenscapes, was a big hit and now, they are back with similar concept and features. This is free to download with the in-app purchases option.


There are two currencies of this game, first one is primary and called as coins. Second currency is premium and called as stars. Both are vital in progression and if you want to be the top notch gamer then earning higher amount is important. Various methods are helpful but the easiest method is to play daily tasks.


The game is completely based on the storyline of Austin the butler. His parents are taking the old childhood home into concern as they want to sell it out because it is old and look so bad. However, Austin doesn’t want to lose it because he has lots of precious memories attached to every single thing in home. It is such an heartbreaking moment for him.

Here, comes your role as you need to earn sufficient amount of currencies and renovate the home. It can be tough in beginning but you can easily do it by earning more currencies from three tile match puzzle. If you do well then Austin’s parent will take the childhood home into concern again. Surely, it can make them change their decision and Austin can stay happy.

About The Freemium

Homescapes has lot more popularity than any other game in all kind of it. The reason behind popularity is simplicity and easy to play option. The rating of this game is 4.6 stars on Google Play Store and 4.4 Stars on Apple App Store. The game is also available on Amazon App Store. On the other hand, the rating of this game on Facebook is 4.6 stars. These factors can encourage you to download this Freemium and get the extreme fun.

What’s interactive?

There are lots of features making this game interactive and here, we are listing the important one making this game popular across the globe.

  • Complete unique gameplay than any other puzzle game.
  • Design awesome interior and come up with better looks.
  • All the matches are exiting match 3 and offer tons of feature.
  • Fantastic characters to make it better and impressive game.
  • Connect Facebook account and find friends playing Homescapes.

You can renovate an awesome home and it is easy also. Make sure to focus on the right method otherwise you can face issues lately. Various tips and tricks are available online to help in progressing well.

Final Words

Playrix always amaze us with awesome mobile games and if you are also willing to play a game which is unique, easy to play and simple in UI then no one is better than Homescapes. Must try it out and be the winner by focusing on matching three similar tiles. Surely, no other game is best as if you want to play for short burst.

Homescapes Guide

Guidelines To Play The Homescapes Game Easily

Homescapes is an exciting and enjoyable online game, which is elegantly developed by the Playrix Games.  The game is generally based on the match 3 puzzle genre, in which the aim of the players to clear each and every level.  It offers a vivid graphics, a variety of modes, exciting gameplay, and many more things. Mainly, the storyline of the game is that gamers need to support the Austin the Butler in order to renovate the minions. To make the gameplay more exciting, there are some engrossing and features added in the game.

In addition, the element is offered in the form of the unique booster and hotheaded combination.  Most importantly, the beginning of the game might look convenient, but with the enhancement in the level will increase the difficulty as well. So, don’t miss the chance and download the game applications now.  Homescapes game application is available on both iOS and Android platform, which you can attain it from your on-device app store. In order to know more about the game, then check out Homescapes guide. Otherwise, scroll down and learn some basic knowledge about this innovative game.

Gear Of The Game: 

At the beginning of the game, users will come across few items i.e. Lamps, Cups, Buttons, Ties and many more.  You need to attain gather these object in order to reach the peak point of the game with ease. Also, with the increase in the level, players can access some more object such as Cherries, Jellies etc.


It is the primary resource of the game, which supports the gamers to accomplish various tasks.  How to earn coins? Well, it is very convenient to gain the coins.  Once you complete a level or match, you will attain some amount of coins as the reward.  Also, with the support of the coins, users can purchase moves during the match when you run out of them.


This is the premium currency, which can be earned by completing different levels of the game or by using some kind of Homescapes Cheats.  Once the gamer matches the pieces appropriately, they will be able to gain the power-ups.  Users can use them to skip the hard part of a game without worrying about anything.  Most importantly, it is advisable that to utilize it wisely. Otherwise, you will end up facing disappointment.


To add more flavors, matching the 4 or 5 pieces together, gamers will be able to unwind unique powers.  Try to make a square pieces match, which will offer the users a cubed paper place to overcome the hurdles. However, in order to un-wrap the stronger power-ups, you need to create a rainbow ball by matching the 5 pieces in the line.


At the greater level of the game, users will be able to unlock various sorts of boosters.  Few boosters can be brought by spending the real money.  This is one of the features, which helps the players to get rid of the hassles without making too many efforts.  If you haven’t heard of this element yet, then give a try and become the best player from all over the world.  For instance, the hammer booster, which can be utilized for eradicating tiles by smashing them.  It support to clear any tiles, which you want to without wasting a move.

Final Expression

On the whole, Homescpaes is an online game, which can be enjoyed at leisure intervals. It is not important to accomplish all the available level in a day.  So, keep playing and enjoying this exciting game. If you face any complications, then read the above-mentioned information in order to gain victory with ease.

Homescapes Tricks and Tips

Tips And Tricks To Gain Success in Homescapes

It is true that the craze of the Homescpaes game is enhancing dramatically.  In the recent past, it has gained an enormous amount of popularity and attracted over millions of users.   Also, in order to encourage the users, the developers of the game i.e. Playrix games has added lots of features.  Due to this, the players are facing lots of complications in completing the stage.  If you are one of them, then there is no need to be troubled anymore. Here you will gain Homescapes tricks and tips, which will support you to gain success with ease.

First of all, the game is based on the puzzle genre, in which players have to match various pieces to clear the level.  Basically, the gameplay is all about helping Austin the butler to decorate the mansion conveniently. There are several sorts of element available, which will surely make you stay for a long period of time.  Features are offered in the form of the booster and power-up combos.  This game is very interesting and innovative if you haven’t heard of this game yet and then download it now.  It is available for both iOS and Android platform.

Learn Some Effective Tips To Attain Victory

Listed below are some effective and efficient tricks, which you should follow for reaching the peak point with ease. Tips and Tricks are:

  • Gamers can invite their Facebook mates in order to create the game environment comfortable.
  • To survive in the game, the users need to earn the in-game resources. The currencies of the game are available in the form of the coins and stars.
  • Coins are the main or primary resource of the game, which you can use to purchase most of the in-game items.
  • In-game objects are one of the sources, which help the players to become the best players from all over the world with ease. It is offered in the form of the Lamps, cups, Cherries, jellies and many more interesting things.
  • The special currency of the game is stars, which mainly can be used to attain the power-up. It also supports the users by boosting the speed of the progress.
  • How to earn the stars and coins? Well, it is not very difficult to earn the in-game resources. You have to follow the basic method offered by the developers. That is accomplishing the several stages and gain victory conveniently.
  • There are a variety of tasks you can access i.e. cleaning the room, replacing the furniture and much more. In order to complete the tasks, players need to collect some items i.e. cups, books etc.
  • Boosters are one of the better options available for the users to match the pieces without facing too many complications. If you are facing any kind of the hassle, then use the booster and overcome it without wasting a move.
  • The game also allows the gamers to spend the real money in order to attain infinite booster and power-ups. Try this technique now and become top users without making too much effort.

Final Terminology

On whole, Homescpaes is the best sources to kill the boredom in the leisure time.  However, if you are playing the game for the first, then you need to learn lots of things before commencing it. So, scroll up and read the above mentioned Homescapes tricks and tips to attain success easily, if you need something more you can search for Homescapes Hack cheats as well.  Hope, the available information support you to reach the zenith point of the game by completing each and every stage. So, grab the opportunity and enjoy the game.