All about Homescapes

Homescapes is mobile title from Playrix games offered for Android and IOS where unique features and interactive features are making it advanced game. The previous launch of Playrix, Gardenscapes, was a big hit and now, they are back with similar concept and features. This is free to download with the in-app purchases option.


There are two currencies of this game, first one is primary and called as coins. Second currency is premium and called as stars. Both are vital in progression and if you want to be the top notch gamer then earning higher amount is important. Various methods are helpful but the easiest method is to play daily tasks.


The game is completely based on the storyline of Austin the butler. His parents are taking the old childhood home into concern as they want to sell it out because it is old and look so bad. However, Austin doesn’t want to lose it because he has lots of precious memories attached to every single thing in home. It is such an heartbreaking moment for him.

Here, comes your role as you need to earn sufficient amount of currencies and renovate the home. It can be tough in beginning but you can easily do it by earning more currencies from three tile match puzzle. If you do well then Austin’s parent will take the childhood home into concern again. Surely, it can make them change their decision and Austin can stay happy.

About The Freemium

Homescapes has lot more popularity than any other game in all kind of it. The reason behind popularity is simplicity and easy to play option. The rating of this game is 4.6 stars on Google Play Store and 4.4 Stars on Apple App Store. The game is also available on Amazon App Store. On the other hand, the rating of this game on Facebook is 4.6 stars. These factors can encourage you to download this Freemium and get the extreme fun.

What’s interactive?

There are lots of features making this game interactive and here, we are listing the important one making this game popular across the globe.

  • Complete unique gameplay than any other puzzle game.
  • Design awesome interior and come up with better looks.
  • All the matches are exiting match 3 and offer tons of feature.
  • Fantastic characters to make it better and impressive game.
  • Connect Facebook account and find friends playing Homescapes.

You can renovate an awesome home and it is easy also. Make sure to focus on the right method otherwise you can face issues lately. Various tips and tricks are available online to help in progressing well.

Final Words

Playrix always amaze us with awesome mobile games and if you are also willing to play a game which is unique, easy to play and simple in UI then no one is better than Homescapes. Must try it out and be the winner by focusing on matching three similar tiles. Surely, no other game is best as if you want to play for short burst.

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  1. Really hoping this cheat actually works because ive been trying for weeks. I really like the game also because i have it in all my devices and have advanced in all of them. My problem is that some things ask for more then one star and thats where it gets complicated. I really like the game though its reallt entertaining and its the only game i play on my spare time.

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