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Homescapes is an interesting online game that can be enjoyed with your family. It is a puzzle based game wherein you need to help Austin in remodeling his home so that his parents are impressed with the new look of the house and do not sell it off. Austin will be allotting certain tasks to you in the form of puzzles. So, are you ready to help Austin in his mission?

Homescapes cheats review

Easy Gameplay:

In each level of the game, you need to solve a puzzle for completing the allotted task. Some of the tasks that you will get are cleaning the room, changing the sofas, etc. There are several pieces in the puzzle that needs to be matched with each other. When you match them well, you earn in-game currencies in form of Coins.

By matching pieces in a certain manner, you can even form power-ups. You will read more about them later in this post. As soon as you complete solving the puzzle, you will earn Stars as reward. You can make use of these Stars for completing the task that was allotted to you in the beginning of the level.

In-Game Currencies:


To refurnish Austin’s home, you need to purchase several pieces of furniture and decorative items. All these stuffs can be bought with Coins. Whenever you want to replace or swap furniture, you need to spend Coins. There may be situations when you all your Lives or Hearts are over. At that time, you can buy one life by spending 900 Coins. Moreover, you can even purchase Boosters and extra moves with Coins. In short, Coins is a vital in-game currency and without it, you won’t be able to proceed further in the game, that’s why some people use Homescapes Cheats.

Homescapes coins cheats

The easiest way to earn Coins is by playing the game regularly. Whenever you complete a day in the game, you will earn 1,000 Coins as rewards. You can even acquire several amounts of Coins by earning them as rewards for watching advertorial videos, matching pieces on the grid, saving moves that will get converted into special power-ups, etc. As Coins are an important currency, most gamers fall short of it. The best way to solve your gaming monetary issues is by using of Homescapes cheats for acquiring unlimited Coins.




If you want to upgrade Austin’s home and beautify it by buying premium furnishings then you need to spend Stars. You will also require Stars for participating in Match 3 Levels and for completing tricky tasks that have been allotted to you. As Stars are the special currency of the game, earning them is not easy. Whenever you complete a level in the game, you will earn a Star, which will further be used for unlocking the consecutive level. If you complete a level within the specific number of allotted moves, you will win Stars as rewards. Stars can also be purchased with real money or other players choose easier alternative such as Homescapes hacks.


Homescapes powerups cheats

Each time you match more than three pieces together on the grid, you will acquire a power-up. There are several types of power-ups that can be acquired in the game. Depending on the format in which you have matched the pieces, you will get a power-up. A power-up is a special resource that can be used for enhancing the gameplay. The power-ups will let you succeed quickly as they will help in destroying several pieces together in the grid. Mentioned below is a brief introduction on various power-ups:

Rainbow Power-Up:

The method to obtain a Rainbow power-up is by matching five pieces in a straight line, either horizontally or vertically. The Rainbow power-up will let you raze each and every other piece on the grid that has the same color. It is the best power-up that can be used for destroying all those pieces on the grid that have identical colors.

Paper Plane Power-Up:

You can obtain a Paper Plane power-up by matching four pieces in a square. It will help you in destroying four adjacent pieces and then come to a standstill on another piece of same color. This makes your game simpler as the piece on which the power-up ends is usually the one that needs to be removed.

Rocket Power-Up:

You can get the Rocket power-up by matching four pieces in a column or row. This power-up can be used for firing all pieces in a certain line horizontally or vertically across the grid in both directions. It is a perfect power-up that can be used for breaking complete lines.

Bomb Power-Up:

You can acquire a Bomb power-up by matching five pieces together by creating a ‘T’ or an ‘L’ shape. This power-up can be used for causing an explosion on the grid in a huge area. It is best to use the power-up in the middle of the grid for razing several pieces.

Making Friends:

Friends can be very helpful, so you should make as many friends as you can by connecting your game on social networking sites. Send invites to others on Facebook so that they can join you in your game. Your friends can help you when you need them the most as they can regenerate Hearts faster. Hearts are special items in the game that are required for progressing in the game. As you are aware, you will come across various puzzles in the game. Whenever you play a puzzle, you will lose one Heart. The Heart can be acquired by waiting so that it regenerates by itself.

If you do not want to waste your time in waiting, then you can ask your friends to help you out by regenerating Hearts for you. This will save a lot of time and let you enjoy your game without any interruptions. Another benefit of making friends is that they can help in modifying your home. However, you need to return their favor back by helping them out when they need it the most.

To conclude, Homescapes is a perfect game to spend your leisure time. Though it may sound easy; but, as you keep progressing, the puzzles will get tougher. So, play strategically and make Austin happy by completing all his allotted tasks. Happy gaming! Also read our comments to find some valuable information!


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  2. I love this game so much but i can’t bear leave 69.i need the stars so that I can do the task. I’ve tried many many times to solve this level but I just cant. I would like the coins so that I may be able to buy some power ups. They would help me a lot.

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  5. This game is so good and I really like the interior design of the house. I also want to complete the task that is given so that the house look good. Thanks developers for the cheats

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  13. This game is so good and I really like the interior design of the house. I also want to complete the task that is given so that the house look good. Thanks developers for the cheats
    I love this game so much.. It reduces my stress… Its like redecorating my own house… It is the best best best best game ever… Tbis is so addicting game.. Love it so much… Nice game… Best game i mean

  14. Homescapes is a very fun game. It’s addicting as well because you wanna keep building up the house to see how it looks at the end. I wanna get more coins and stars in order to keep building up the place. Love this game so much I even got my girlfriend to play it and she’s addicted as well lol.

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